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Hatha Yoga

The 'bringing together of', or the 'union' of Body, Mind and Breath through Asana (Postures), Meditation/Visualisation and Pranayama (Breathing Techniques). These classes are suitable whether you are a complete beginner or have been practising Yoga for a while. 


Pregnancy Yoga

From 14 weeks you can come to these classes and enjoy Yoga specifically tailored to your growing baby and your changing body. Topics covered include, Breathing to energise, calm or relax, Posture and Safe Alignment, The Pelvic Floor, Pregnancy ailments such as backache, heartburn, sciatica and joint issues, Preparation for birth using positions/breathing techniques for all stages of your Labour.

Mum and Baby Yoga

This gentle bonding class is ideal for new mums to learn soothing techniques to help with grizzly babies, colic etc. Designed for mums and babies from around 10 weeks, Yoga will uplift and restore you and make you feel more positive about yourself and your new role as a Mother. We do a bit of Baby Massgae, Baby Yoga, Post Natal recovery Yoga and of course that important relaxation.


Kids Yoga

Fun! Fun! Fun! Kids classes are based on storytelling. Yoga allows a childs natural creativity and imagination to flow and be encouraged. Adventures to jungles, oceans and even outer space allow children to do yoga poses and games which promote dramatic physical, emotional and mental developement. * These classes are mostly in Nurseries and Schools please contact me to arrange for Yoga in Health Weeks or for Physical Education.*


50+ Yoga Groups

Yoga is all inclusive and if you cant get down on the floor you can do your Yoga in a Chair. Chair Yoga involves gentle stretching movements sitting on a chair, or standing using the chair for support to help balance and work on strength.            

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